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 Moonkey - Version 2.00

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PostSubject: Moonkey - Version 2.00   Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:45 am

Version 2.07

- Gave new banners appropriate colors, and added some variations at different ranks.
- Smite ability cost increased from 40 to 50, and damage reduced from 50 to 40.
- Explosive Arrow damage reduced from 50 to 40, and knockback distance reduced from 100 to 80.
- Protected units can no longer capture Gold Mines or Statues.

Version 2.05

- New banners have been added for players of all ranks!
- Wins and Losses will once again count for any length game (excluding games that did not start due to players not clicking Ready). However, no further wins or losses will be recorded during the following 3 minutes.
Games can still be started during this time and the outcome will be recorded, as long as the game finishes outside the 3 minute period.
This is to prevent rapid point gains; Players that play normally will notice little to no difference.
- Fixed a recent bug that caused players to miss their turn.
- Map lists are now ordered alphabetically, grouped by the number of players they support.

Version 2.03

- Games lasting less than 3 minutes will not record a win or loss, meaning no points will be given.
- Made some changes to flood protection in the lobby.
- New chat command /afk will make you appear as AFK in the lobby. Players will automatically appear as AFK after 5 minutes of inactivity.
- Private Message windows will tell you when a player joins a game rather than disconnecting, and the chat tab will no longer flash as a result of these.
- Added the /nudge command to get someone's attention in the lobby. A sound will play, and a message will appear in their active chat window. /silentnudges and /ignorenudges have also been added to disable incoming nudges (or just the sound).
- To hide offline friends, the /hideoffline command has been added.
- Guests now have a plain rank symbol, instead of nothing at all.
- Players with Overlord rank or higher now have access to two new colors - Silver and Black.
- Admins can now set their own default ban time using /bantime <minutes>
- Admins can ban a player that has left the lobby already by clicking their name in a chat window.
- Moved the Undo button to block less of the game area.
- Maps can now have a border margin specified in the editor. The area beyond the border will appear slightly darker, and units will not be able to move into the area. A value of 50 is recommended to prevent units being blocked by any part of the interface.
- Pressing and holding the Spacebar in the editor will give the distance between two points.

Version 2.02

- Recruit Cost Changes:
Base recruitment cost has been lowered to 600, but increases by 200 for each unit of that class you currently own.
For example, if your Knight has been killed it will cost 600 to recruit a new one. If you own 2 Mages already it will cost 1000 to recruit a 3rd.
- Cost of all Research reduced from 300 to 250.
- Allies now share access to Statue abilities in 2v2 games.
- Siphon has been changed, and renamed to Vortex. It is now a targetted ability which pulls units towards the target and drains 50 power from each unit to the caster.
- Casting Protect on a Rogue now breaks his stealth.
- Shockwave cost reduced from 50 to 30.
- Drain Life damage increased from 30 to 40. No longer works on Orbs.
- Lay on Hands is now free to cast, but can still only be used once per 5 turns.
- Fixed a bug with researching during opponent turns.
- Ability buttons can no longer appear offscreen or behind the chat box. Hold CTRL to click on abilities or units obscured by other parts of the GUI.
- Added a 'Players Online' counter to the Lobby.

Version 2.01

- Chat messages in-game no longer print twice.
- Added a grid to the Map Editor.
- Fixed a graphic bug with the Treasury.
- Opening a fortress window will now undo any current move, preventing characters being recruited on top of each other.
- Players should no longer get stuck on the ready screen.
- Included an option for 40 second turns in Custom Games.

Version 2.00

- New Building type - Statues!

Monuments to Brotherhood heroes of the past can now be captured, unlocking a new ability for the class they championed.

Paladin Statue: Unlocks the 'Lay on Hands' ability, allowing Knights to use their remaining power to heal a nearby ally.
Sorcerer Statue: Allows Mages to 'Drain Life' from all nearby units, enemy or not.
Inquisitor Statue: Priests can now join the offensive with the 'Smite' ability, calling down judgment from above.
Warden Statue: Adds the 'Explosive Arrow' ability to your Rangers' arsenal.
Infiltrator Statue: With the 'Vanishing Strike' ability, Rogues can attack from stealth before vanishing in a cloud of smoke to their original position.

- Rapid Fire damage reduced from 40 to 30.
- Whirlwind damage reduced from 70 to 60.
- Resurrect cost lowered to 80.
- Knight hit points reduced from 150 to 140.
- Fortitude changed to a flat 30hp increase for all.
- Range of Siphon has been slightly increased.
- Fixed the tooltip text for Heal and Area Heal when Battle Cry is active. Battle Cry does not affect healing.

- Upgraded server software to improve admin powers, allowing temporary IP bans.
- Added the "/find <name>" command to check if someone is currently playing.
- Different turn lengths can now be selected when creating a Custom Game, including unlimited length turns.
- Halved the amount of time allowed in the ready screen.
- Improved performance when moving characters.
- Objects in the map should no longer jitter slightly when moving around.
- Fog of war will clear properly, without hard edges.
- Added a few new props to the Map Editor.
- Added some new maps.
- Maps can now be flagged as private, preventing others from saving the map at the end of a game.
- Offline friends and blocked players will now appear in the lobby player lists.
- Lobby player lists can now be resized.

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PostSubject: Re: Moonkey - Version 2.00   Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:01 am

i agree with nemisis but i would like to see a suicide bomber as a new unit
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Moonkey - Version 2.00
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