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 Irrelevance Rules: Please Read

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PostSubject: Irrelevance Rules: Please Read   Irrelevance Rules: Please Read EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 12:24 am

Welcome to the Irrelevance Section.
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these rules.

The Basics

-We assume every member here has read and understands the rules. "I didn't know" is not going to get you out of trouble.

-If you get a warning, don't get hostile. Making a topic or sending a PM to the mod calling them names and/or cursing them out is a quick way to get the warning upgraded. Don't make a topic complaining about the warning, discuss it civilly in a Private Message.

-Don't forget to use the report button. It helps us find problem topics/posts very easily.

-If there are any problems, contact a moderator by sending us a Private Message.

The Rules

-No embedding of 18+ images, gifs, videos, etc. at all, not even if you hide them in spoiler tags.

-Do not post other member's personal and/or private information without their permission. This includes but is not limited to facebook pages, myspace pages, pictures, and phone numbers. Don't weasel around this with posting stuff of people related to them e.g. family, friends.

-Do not tell another member to go kill themselves, go die, etc. If you do, make it crystal clear that you're joking and that the other person knows you are.

-Do not threaten other members with physical violence or otherwise. Again, if you are, make it crystal clear that you're joking and the other person knows you are.

-Racism is a delicate subject and may be discussed, but threads or posts that are made to be demeaning to any particular race are NOT allowed. This goes the same for issues on sexual orientation.

-No posting glitching methods, guides and/or how-to's. No linking to glitching sites. Zero tolerance policy.

-Do not spam the site, flood the site, or deliberately boost your post count.

-Trolling is classified as sitting on the forums and posting nothing productive. This includes posting with the intention of being insulting towards someone when it's entirely unprovoked. Some people also post with the intention of doing nothing but irritating the mods. That accomplishes nothing and wastes too much bandwidth. Trolls who can't post anything productive will be banned at anytime an administrator feels you are abusing the system.

-Do not make alternate accounts to flame, troll, spam, be a douche, etc. All of your accounts may be banned.

-Making a new account after you've been suspended may get your suspension extended or even banned without warning.

-Do not remake closed or deleted threads.

-If you want to contact specific members of this forum, use a private message. "ATTN: [Person Name]" topics will be deleted. Examples of acceptable ATTN topics; ATTN: Liberals, ATTN: Basketball Fans, ATTN: People who think Dane Cook is funny

-Stay on topic in a thread. Don't go into a thread about cars and change it to pancakes.

-Make threads in the appropriate forums.

-Do not stretch the page with an absurd amount of spaces, enters, or a set of words repeated to the character limit e.g. "YOUSUCK" a thousand times in one post.

-Do not bump old topics unless you have a relevant and on topic post to add.

-Hide game/movie spoilers in spoiler tags. People hate when you ruin stuff for them.

To Make this Section Smoother and Neater

-Use English and do your best to be understood.

-Use a descriptive topic title.

-Do the site a favor when quoting posts with a lot of image tags; pick out the one or two you're talking about or just delete them all out the quote to show you are responding to that post.

-Do the site a favor when quoting long posts; pick out the part of the text you want to address and delete the rest. If you're responding to the entire post, hide it in spoiler tags, replace it with "snip", "long post", etc. or delete what is in between the quotes.

-Try not to make duplicate threads. If a new game was announced or some big news, check to see if there is a topic about it already. No need for 5 topics about the same thing. If it gets out hand, there may be punishment.

And remember this Message To You All.
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Irrelevance Rules: Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Re: Irrelevance Rules: Please Read   Irrelevance Rules: Please Read EmptySat Feb 28, 2015 9:11 am

shut up lol
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Irrelevance Rules: Please Read
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